Environmental Policy

Hills Properties acknowledges the need to act amid the environmental issues currently affecting the globe. This Environmental Policy outlines Hills Properties environmental commitments and its promise to carry out its business with the environment at the forefront.

  • We will firstly aim to continue to support our already existing efforts to reduce our paper consumption, plastic and food waste and secondly, ensure that we provide appropriate facilities for its recycling within our office.
  • We will continuously improve our sustainability by a) looking at ways to reduce our energy and water, b) carrying out annual studies to ensure we are reducing our consumption yearly and c) looking at moving towards energy efficient lighting.
  • Employees will be educated on the negative environmental consequences of day to day practices and on the ways to reduce them.
  • Hills Properties is committed to purchasing resources locally and will chose to use suppliers with green credentials and with a shared vision, as well as engaging in a circular economy by reusing resources where possible.
  • We will always discourage the use of emission emitting vehicles for viewings where possible in an effort to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.
  • We will ensure our commitments are adequately reviewed and improved yearly, as well as complying with any environmental legislative requirements.
  • This policy is well documented, circulated to staff, accessible to all members of the public and can be found on our website www.hills-properties.com.

This policy is effective as of August 2020