Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is the tax payable to the government when purchasing a property priced over £200,000. The amount payable depends on factors such as whether you are a first or second time buyer, the value of the property and the mortgage amount (if any). 

There are a number of duties and disbursements as follows:

1) Stamp Duty – The Gibraltar Stamp Duties Act 2005 (as amended) relates only to transactions involving real estate property situate in Gibraltar. The rates of duty applicable are as follows:

(a)  Where the purchaser qualifies as a first- or second-time homebuyer and the property consists entirely of residential property:-

(i)  Nil % on the first £260,000 of the value of the property;

(ii)  5.5% on any balance above £260,000 to £350,000

(iii)  3.5% on the balance above £350,000

(b)  Nil % where the property is being transferred between spouses or, following the dissolution of a marriage, between former spouses

(c)  In all other instances:-

(i)  Nil % where the value of the property does not exceed £200,000;

(ii)  2% on the first £250,000 and 5.5% on the balance, where the value of the property exceeds £200,000 but does not exceed £350,000; and

(iii)  3% on the first £350,000 and 3.5% on the balance where the value of the property exceeds £350,000.

Additionally, if the property is purchased with the assistance of a mortgage, stamp duty is charged at the rate of 0.13% where the amount borrowed does not exceed £200,000 and 0.20% for amounts in excess of £200,000.

2) Land Titles Register – a fee of £125 per deed is charged for recording the transaction in the Land Titles Register.

The registration procedure referred to above should not be confused with the Land Registration procedure in the United Kingdom. In Gibraltar there is only a requirement under the Gibraltar Land Titles Act 2011 to register the deed in order to keep a public record of property transactions. As a result, the protection afforded by the priority of periods granted under the Land Registry rules in the UK is not available in Gibraltar.

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